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  • What is a thermostatic faucet?

    Thermostatic faucet also called thermostatic faucet or shower thermostatic mixing water tap, it is the role of the cold and hot water automatic mixing into the pre-set temperature warm water. The thermostatic faucet can automatically balance the water pressure of the cold water and the hot water in a short time, so that the temperature of the outlet water is stable, and the manual control is not needed.
    Thermostatic faucet is suitable for family, hotel, public bathroom shower facilities, as well as barber shops and other water pressure often changing environment.

  • What is a woman washing machine faucet?

    Women's washing device is designed specifically for women and sanitary ware products. The toilet and bidet is somewhat similar, but as the basin installed faucet nozzle, hot and cold water, there are direct injection and jet two categories.
    Features: the function of the washing machine and the toilet is installed on the toilet is different, mainly for women to clean private parts.

  • What is the production management and quality control system in your factory?

  • Can I visit your factory? How is it convenient?

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